UN Special Rapporteur visits Iran: Calls on US to lift sanctions

United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur Alena Douhan held talks in Iran. Douhan said that the US unilateral sanctions against Iran violated international human rights standards in this country. Douhan called on the Washington administration to lift unilateral sanctions against Iran.

Iranian According to state television, USA UN Special Rapporteur on the Adverse Impact of Unilateral Coercive Measures, who visited Iran to observe the effects of sanctions on the country Alena Douhancapital Teheranheld a press conference in

Stating that he came to Iran on May 7 and made observations to gather impartiality and truth-oriented information on the negative impact of sanctions on human rights, Douhan stated that he will submit the final report on the subject to the UN Human Rights Council in September.

Stating that the US’s unilateral sanctions against Iran negatively affect the lives of the Iranian people, especially the low-income segment of the society, Douhan said, “The sanctions affect the vulnerable groups and households in Iran.” said.

The UN Rapporteur, who said that especially the sanctions in the field of banking caused a shortage of medicines for incurable diseases in Iran, “It is not possible for international organizations to provide humanitarian aid due to difficulties in money transfer.” he said.

Stating that Iran’s financial assets of 100 to 120 billion dollars were blocked in different countries outside the country due to the sanctions, Douhan said, “I call on the states to release the assets of the Central Bank of Iran in accordance with the norms of international law.” used the expressions.

Stating that US sanctions violate international human rights standards in Iran, Douhan called on the Washington administration to lift unilateral sanctions against this country.

UN Special Rapporteur Douhan did not mention in his speech the protest demonstrations that have been held in Iran in recent days due to the high cost of living and where at least one person has lost his life so far.

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