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Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), who promised discounts on water and transportation during the election campaign, but did not keep his promises, can’t get enough of the raise. Lastly, İmamoğlu, who vetoed the decision to subsidize IETT by withdrawing the 40% increase in student subscriptions in transportation, by the People’s Alliance (AK Party and MHP groups), has now taken action for the 10th increase in water. After the 49.9 percent increase in water on April 5, the CHP management of the IMM requested an increase in the water supply again. According to the proposal read by CHP Group Spokesperson Tarık Balyalı on behalf of CHP and IYI Party groups (Nation Alliance) in the 1st session of the IMM Assembly in May, an increase in water prices was offered at the rate of inflation. Balyalı requested that the proposal they prepared for an increase in the inflation rate announced by TUIK for 2022 water and wastewater tariffs for the months of March and April should be put on the agenda and sent to the Tariff Commission. With the last proposal submitted to the General Assembly, thus, the 10th request for a raise in 2.5 years has been made.

İBB President İmamoğlu stated that the unit price of water, which was 4.53 kuruş on January 1, 2019, was very expensive, and promised to make water available to Istanbul residents cheaply. However, after he took office, he increased the unit prices of water to 8.33 TL, and to 12.51 TL for usages over 16 cubic meters, with successive demands for hikes. Here is the list of hikes made by IMM in 2.5 years: In November 2019, it offered an 80 percent increase in water. 40% in July 2020. 35 percent in November 2020. 39 percent in December 2020. 50 percent in May 2021. He offered a 40 percent increase in September 2021. He offered a 57.38 percent increase in December 2021 and a monthly CPI increase. On February 16, 2022, 90 percent to 175 percent raise offers were made. (Not accepted). On April 5, 2022, a 49.9 percent increase was made. On May 23, 2022, an increase was demanded at the 34.46 inflation rate announced for April.

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