The low number of seats betrayed: This is how they were caught in the secret compartment

In Van, 47 illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan came out of the secret compartments built in the back seats of two passenger buses, where the policemen who were doing road control stopped suspiciously.

The teams of the Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Group Headquarters affiliated to the Erciş Police Department stopped the intercity passenger buses with plates 34 FEH 614 and 34 ELR 101 on suspicion at Hamuryen Junction, as part of their efforts to combat “immigrant smuggling and human trafficking”.


In the search made on both buses, it was noticed that the number of seats was low. Thereupon, the teams found hidden compartments where the back seats were during a detailed search of the buses.


In the search made after the seats were removed, 47 irregular immigrants were caught, 2 of whom were exhausted from the stuffiness, hiding in secret compartments. Bus drivers MMT, RT and TC were detained.

Irregular migrants, to whom the police gave water and food, will be handed over to the Van Migration Management Directorate after their procedures.

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