Kılıçdaroğlu statement from SADAT: We would have met if he had made an appointment

Melih Tanriverdi, Chairman of the Board of SADAT, made statements regarding the CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu’s visit to SADAT in the live broadcast he attended. Tanriverdi said, “I wish Kemal Bey had made an appointment, we would like to meet too.” used the phrases.

CHP leader Kemal KılıçdaroğluMelih Tanriverdi, Chairman of the Board of SADAT, whom Turkey has recently approached because of posing a threat to the election security, participated in the broadcast of Halk TV. Tanriverdi said about Kılıçdaroğlu, “We would like to meet if he had made an appointment.” Making statements about Sedat Peker, Tanrıverdi said, “What can we do with the leader of the organized crime organization? We are not anarchists, we are not terrorists. Our team consists of honorable officers of the TAF.” he said.

Tanriverdi’s statements are as follows;


‘I wish Kemal Bey had made an appointment, so we could have been there. We would also like to see you. Mr. Kemal preferred a time when we were not there. His intention was probably to show off, not to meet. We were very tired and exhausted that day. Ali Bey went out to see what was going on when he came to the company. Engin asks Altay, “Why didn’t you make an appointment?” The cameras were on, the phones were open, they came to visit. It’s not a guest, it’s a show



“SADAT is a commercial company that was established in 2012 to provide special strategic consultancy services, special military training and equipment services for the armed forces and police forces of the countries in the field of defense and security to the friendly and allied countries of Turkey.

Turkey’s civilization geography is clear. What is positioned here is not anti-Europe. The important thing here is to do this to Turkey’s friendly and allied countries. It is not right to have exclusionary attitudes towards some countries. We have given our service offers to around 60 countries. We have produced projects for 20-25 of them so far. We did not have any service packages for Syria, and we did not have any equipment service to its opponents in Syria. We developed various projects in Libya in 2013. ASSAM and SADAT are different institutions.”


“Sedat Peker makes a confession. There were these materials in the trucks I took myself. Some of them were delivered to Al Nusra. We did not work with the Syrian opposition, Al Nusra and terrorist organizations, we will not work. Including the Free Syrian Army. If Sedat Peker I If he says he took them, that’s their problem. Sedat Peker was requesting an appointment from SADAT. We did not accept his request for an appointment. He invited, we did not accept his invitation. What business can we have with the leader of an organized crime organization? We are not anarchists, we are not terrorists. Our team is the TSK’ It consists of honorable officers of the

Sedat Peker said to us, “You do not want to meet with me officially. I’m invited to the wedding, you come too. Let’s pretend you came across at the wedding,” he said. My guess is that Sedat Peker was ‘well-baked, we are from SADAT’. I think he sent it to confirm those appointment requests.”


CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu had gone to SADAT recently and was not taken into the building. Making a statement in front of SADAT, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “This Turkey will never be handed over to paramilitary organizations, institutions and individuals. If anything happens that will undermine the security of the election, SADAT and the Palace are responsible.” he said.

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