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Being a human subject has different meanings in different aspects and in other stories. From the birth process to the idea of ​​existence, from the growth of the individual to the development of society, this can be viewed from many angles.

Being a political subject is a much more recent issue. This subjectivity, which became evident with the collapse of kingdoms and the rise of the people, has been increasingly damaged in recent years. People are being persuaded to become subjects thanks to authoritarian tendencies and historical fantasies rising all over the world.

The people of Turkey have largely lost their character of being a political subject. It is not easy to change things with civic initiatives, independent efforts, youth movements, academic-cultural-intellectual initiatives. Moreover; The qualifications of even deputies and ministers to be political subjects have been seriously broken.

Young people, who are the leading role of the society, the active majority of the social life, the dynamic part of the population, and the engine of development, strive to preserve their political subjectivity. The independence and baggage-free courage of being young pushes young people to participate more actively in politics. In addition, it is always the young people who think with new norms and witness the problems of the present most closely. The generation Z debates, which have attracted more and more attention in recent years, are a result of this.

Tomorrow is May 19, Youth Day. What would you say about the youth?

Again, will old old people make big sentences about young people or will young people really talk? What do you think, will this holiday be discovered, where young people also have a mouth?

Every year, dozens of reports on youth are presented to the public. I try to follow as much as possible. Will there be comprehensive evaluations that take these reports seriously this year, or will they be passed over with a ceremony or two?

The transformation of society and the solution of old problems always pass through young people. Because young people are today’s new and active generation. ruthlessly pacifying him, stubbornly denying his subjectivity; It is a direct attack on society, thought, art and politics. The best thing to do for society to be a subject, not a subject, is to reveal the hidden subject.

Those who insist on not seeing the hidden subject cannot understand anything correctly. They are doomed to lead a passive life and fade away.

The hidden subject is revealed one way or another, saving our sentence.

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