Armed fight in Burdur: 2 people died

In the armed fight that broke out in the Tefenni district of Burdur, 2 people, one of which was the village headman, were killed. Police teams arrived at the scene and launched an investigation.

Allegedly, an argument broke out between Bekir Avcı (69) and headman Bayram Arıkaya (46) in the Bayramlar village square. As the argument escalated, Avcı and Arıkaya fired at each other with a pistol.

Upon the notice, the gendarmerie and 112 Emergency Service teams were dispatched to the village. The body of Avcı, who was hit by 8 bullets and died at the scene, was taken to Karamanlı State Hospital.

Mukhtar Arıkaya, who was injured by a single bullet in the groin area, could not be saved despite the intervention in Burdur State Hospital, where he was taken.

Police and gendarmerie teams took security measures in front of the hospitals where the bodies were found.

While Avcı’s corpse was transferred to Antalya Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy, Arıkaya’s corpse was taken to Burdur State Hospital morgue.

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