3 million m3 production per well in the Black Sea

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez stated that the fourth drilling ship will be in Turkey on 19 May. Speaking at the opening of the National Technologies in the Petroleum Industry (PEMT’22) Meeting hosted by the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), Dönmez said, “10 deep-sea drillings have been completed in the Black Sea so far. We are continuing our drilling operation in our eleventh well. “We tested 2.1 million cubic meters of gas per day in the Türkali-2 well, where we lit the first flame of the gas, and 1.7 million cubic meters per day in the Türkali-1 well. As a result of our tests, we predict that we will produce an average of 3 million cubic meters per well per day,” he said. Reminding that project-based government support will be given to the Sakarya field, Dönmez said, “In this context, our project will be subject to customs duty exemption, VAT exemption, VAT refund and tax reduction. The foreseen incentive amount will reach approximately 145 billion liras. The supports will be valid for 11 years, starting from 2021.” . Stating that studies are being carried out on the long-term indigenization of technology in oil and natural gas, Dönmez said, “We have achieved savings of 123 million liras with these 113 indigenization projects from 2019.”

Stating that the FOURTH drilling ship will be in Turkey on May 19, Dönmez stated that the ship is about to complete its two-month voyage and said: “It entered the Mediterranean a few days ago. It is now approaching Mersin Taşucu. We are in this port for drilling preparations. It will stay for about 2 months. After the painting process and other controls, it will start its first drilling.”

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