Sweden and Finland statement from Erdogan: They should not come to persuade us

It was reported that Sweden and Finland would come to Turkey to discuss their NATO membership applications. Making a statement on the subject, President Erdoğan said, “If they come to persuade us, they should not come. They should not look at me, they should not get tired.” said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a joint press conference with his Algerian counterpart, Abdülmecid Tebboune. President Erdogan, Finland and SwedenRegarding NATO’s step, he said, “They have messages that they will not surrender the terrorists. We would not say ‘Yes’ to the entry of these two countries into NATO.” Regarding Sweden’s persuasive visit to Turkey, he said, “Sorry, they should not get tired.”

President Erdogan’s statements are as follows:

“With this historic visit at the Presidential level from Algeria to our country after 17 years, we are giving a new impetus to our relations.

This year also addresses the 60th anniversary of the establishment of our diplomatic relations. We share a common history stretching back 500 years. We had the privilege to hold our first meeting. We have mutually reaffirmed our determination to further our cooperation.”


“We set our goal of 5 billion dollars during our visit in 2020. Despite the epidemic, we have reached the level of 4.2 billion dollars. Today, we have raised the bar and set a new target. That is, we will reach the target of 10 billion dollars. As Turkey, we stand by our Algerian brothers in every aspect. Our investors are also following this process closely. More than 1400 Turkish companies add strength to Algeria’s strong economy.

Our work in the fields of energy and mining, where joint investments have started in the recent past, will increase the welfare of our countries. We are determined to strengthen cooperation in the field of defense industry.”


“I have to say very clearly and clearly about Sweden and Finland. The attitude of both countries towards terrorist organizations is not clear. Even if they say ‘we are against these terrorist organizations’ in this process, they are just opposite, they have declared that they will not hand over some terrorists. We believe that A Muslim can’t get in twice through a hole. How are we going to believe them. Sweden is the incubation center of terrorist organizations. Terrorists are speaking in their parliament. They will come on Monday, if they come to persuade us, they should not come. Sorry, they should not get tired. We wouldn’t say ‘yes’. NATO would become a place where the representatives of terrorists concentrated.”

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