‘Hunter’ operation for those who defrauded aunt Cemile

In Denizli, 4 people were arrested on charges of defrauding the old woman. The Gendarmerie determined that a suspicious car was driving away while they were working on a fraud report in the Köke Mahallesi of Acıpayam district. In the research, it was determined that the vehicle left the house of Cemile Özkan, 75 years old. The old woman, who lost her son İsmail Özkan to an accident while hunting 38 years ago, said that people who introduced themselves as gendarmes on the phone came to the house saying, “Those who killed your son will get their money. We will protect that money.” Determining that the suspects escaped with 10 thousand dollars, 10 thousand euros, 4 quarters of gold and 1 gold bracelet, the teams started an operation called “Hunter”. SA (38) with numerous criminal records, İ.B. (45), OO (38) and MS (40) were caught and arrested. AA

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