Decision day in Pınar Gültekin case: All Turkey awaits justice

The trial of Cemal Metin Avcı, who murdered Pınar Gültekin, and his brother Mertcan Avcı, who allegedly destroyed the criminal evidence by concealing it, his mother Ayten Avcı, his father Selim Avcı, his divorced wife Eda Karagün and his partner Şükrü Gökhan Orhan, are in the 3rd High Criminal Court of Muğla. It will continue with the 12th hearing to be held. A decision is awaited at the hearing.

Pınar Gültekin, a student of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Economics, disappeared on 16 July 2020. His ex-girlfriend, Cemal Metin Avcı, who was taken into custody 5 days later as part of the investigation, confessed that he killed Gültekin by strangling during the fight that broke out, put his body in a barrel in the vineyard and burned it, and poured concrete on it. The partially burned body of Gültekin was found in the barrel found in the place Avcı pointed out. Cemal Metin Avcı, who was sent to the courthouse, was arrested by the judge, where he was charged with ‘killing with a monstrous feeling and torture’. From the phone signals of Avcı’s brother, Mertcan Avcı, it was determined that he was in the vineyard house at the same time as his brother. Mertcan Avcı, who was taken into custody, was also arrested.

Mertcan Avcı was released at the hearing on February 15, 2021, with the obligation to sign and a ban on leaving the country. The lawyer of Pınar Gültekin’s family, the mother of the accused Cemal Metin Avcı, Ayten Avcı, her father Selim Avcı, her divorced ex-wife Eda Karagün and her partner Şükrü Gökhan Orhan also filed a complaint claiming that they committed the crime of “destroying, hiding and changing the evidence”. Muğla Public Prosecutor’s Office decided on October 2, 2020 that there was no room for additional prosecution against the suspects. Muğla Criminal Court of Peace also ruled that the objection made against the decision was definitively rejected.

The family’s lawyer, Rezan Epözdemir, applied to the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of Cassation, requesting that the final decision of the Muğla Criminal Court of Peace be overturned by the Ministry of Justice for the benefit of the law. The Office of the Chief Prosecutor overturned the decision and decided to prepare an indictment against 4 suspects. In the new indictment prepared by the Prosecutor’s Office, the suspects Selim Avcı, Ayten Avcı, Eda Karagün and Şükrü Gökhan Orhan were demanded to be punished separately, considering that there was sufficient suspicion against them that they had gone to the scene of the crime together, destroyed the evidence of the crime and concealed it in the time period after the ‘deliberate killing’. .


At the 9th hearing of the case, held on January 24, 2022, the prosecutor announced his opinion. The prosecutor stated that it was unanimously accepted that Pınar Gültekin was exposed to the fire while she was alive, and demanded that Cemal Metin Avcı be punished for “killing with a monstrous feeling”. Mertcan Avcı’s ‘acting of concealing and changing the evidence of crime’, Cemal Metin Avcı’s ex-wife Eda Karagün, his business partner Şükrü Gökhan Orhan, his mother Ayten and his father Selim Avcı to be punished for the crimes of ‘destroying and concealing the criminal evidence’. wanted.

The lawyer of the Gültekin family, Rezan Epözdemir, once again applied to the prosecutor’s office for the arrest of Mertcan Avcı, who was previously released on condition of judicial control. Mertcan Avcı was arrested on 21 February for participating in the crime of ‘murdering with a monstrous feeling and torture.

Life imprisonment requested

In the indictment, prepared by Muğla Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Ali Cenkdüz, it is stated that Mertcan Avcı did not take any action to prevent and end the fire in the barrel where Gültekin was found, and to prevent his brother, and an aggravated life sentence was demanded for participating in the crime of “killing with a monstrous feeling and inflicting torture.”


The indictment was sent to the Muğla 3rd High Criminal Court. The court decided to return the indictment on the grounds that it was prepared without the collection of evidence that could directly affect the crime. Muğla Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Ali Cenk Duzgun appealed against the extradition decision. In his objection, Duzgun said that in the investigation carried out against Mertcan Avcı, all the evidence that could be gathered with the available data was collected, and that sufficient evidence was obtained to create a suspicion that the crime was committed.

Objection of the Prosecutor’s Office ACCEPTED

Muğla 1st High Criminal Court, which evaluated the objection of the prosecutor’s office, accepted the indictment. In the decision, for the justification of the acceptance of the objection, “Since it was concluded that the indictment was drawn up by making all possible determinations in the context of the available data in order to determine the exact cause and time of Pınar’s death in the Muğla Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was concluded that the re-report was at the discretion of the court, and the decision to return the indictment was not appropriate. ‘ it was said.


Mertcan Avcı’s detention was appealed by his lawyer. Evaluating the objection, the Muğla 3rd High Criminal Court decided that Avcı should be released, with the possibility of appeal, due to the current evidence situation, the rejection of the defendant’s requests for detention with the same evidence, the absence of any suspicion of escape, and his compliance with judicial control measures.


At the 10th hearing of the case against Cemal Metin Avcı on February 14, he said, ‘I will kill you, dog. In the indictment prepared by the prosecutor’s office, she was asked to be sentenced to 4 years and 4 months in prison on the grounds that she insulted the grieving mother Şefika Gültekin on the grounds that she insulted her by saying “Why are you talking there, dog?” The indictment was accepted by the court and a public lawsuit was filed against mother Gültekin.


At the 11th hearing of the case, held on April 11, Avcı claimed that he would present new evidence to the court and that his lawyers were new, and demanded that the hearing be postponed. The court board then decided to continue the detention of Cemal Metin Avcı. The delegation also decided to reject the request for Mertcan Avcı’s arrest, to apply the condition of judicial control and to accept the lawyers’ request for additional time.

The defendants will appear before the judge for the 12th time today at 14.00. In addition to Gültekin’s family, the defendants who are on trial pending trial are expected to attend the hearing, which is expected to be decided.

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