The vehicle overturned in the ditch: 3 dead, 2 of them babies

The driver of the light commercial vehicle, Şehmuz Er (29) and his son Enbiya (1) and his relative’s daughter Zeynep Tuaç (1), lost their lives and 3 people were injured. The accident occurred on the Malatya-Elazig highway in Kale district. The light commercial vehicle under the direction of Şehmuz Er went out of control and overturned into a stockade. The medical teams, who came with the notification of those who saw the accident, determined that the driver Şehmuz Er and his son Enbiya Er and his relative’s daughter Zeynep Tuaç died. The driver’s wife Günay Er (20) and brother-in-law Erdal Tuaç (39) and his wife Melekşah Tuaç (38) were injured in the vehicle. Ebru Carter (54), the driver of the vehicle, which crashed into the barriers in Uşak and overturned the field, died, and her British citizen wife was injured. 88-year-old Lütfi Kara, who was a farmer in the Germencik district of Aydın, died as a result of the tractor he was driving overturned.

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