The presidential system opened a new page in our administrative history in Turkey.

Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın, who met with the students in the SAÜFEST 1st KİTAPFEST program organized by Sakarya University, said that he opened a new page in the history of administration in Turkey regarding the presidential system. “If the people authorize a person as the president, they will inevitably wait for a job description to use it,” Kalın said.

Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın stated that Turkey had faced great political and economic difficulties and crises due to weak coalition governments in the past, and that the Presidential System completely eliminated this.

Kalin, who came together with the students in the SAÜFEST 1st KITAPFEST program organized by Sakarya University, emphasized that the modern world compels people to be versatile and to educate themselves in many different fields.

Stating that a person can deal with the issues of the modern world and understand its course, if he develops himself in a versatile way, Kalın said, “Today, we live in an age where everything becomes fluid, digitized, designed, understood and managed through algorithms. We are going through a period where virtual and augmented reality, hybrid and hybrid reality are starting to shape our own reality through structures like this. What will be our response to this? Will we be able to continue to ask basic questions about our existence, or will machines and artificial intelligence start to ask those questions and they will give the answers? “Then what will be our freedom as a subject? We have to ask these questions again and every day from different disciplines and perspectives.” he said.

Kalin continued as follows:

“How many lessons we have learned from this is another matter. There are very important lessons to be learned because it is not just a virus issue, it is much more than that, but such great transformations will become much more decisive, rapid and fluid in the coming decades. How ready are we for this? In order to prepare ourselves for this world, we need to educate ourselves in a versatile way. We need to prepare ourselves for today and tomorrow by developing our intellectual, mental but also heart and emotional abilities with the knowledge we receive from different fields and different disciplines, and by establishing the right connection and connection between these two. In this sense, university education is very important. It is a precious time. Appreciate your university years. If you spend it to the fullest and educate yourself well, you will have the opportunity to better prepare yourself for life, other aspects of life and other realities.”


After his speech, Kalın answered the questions of the students and said, “How did the Presidential System contribute to our country rather than the speed of things?” He answered the question that one of the most important elements that this system brought to Turkey was the end of the coalition period.

Stating that the Presidential System puts the separation of powers in the democratic system on a more correct basis, Kalın said, “In other words, it is a system that clearly separates the Presidency from the legislature, in fact, foresees, recommends, and even forces reconciliation between the two, that is, makes it easier and necessary to work in harmony. In the past, due to weak coalition governments, our country has faced great political, economic difficulties and crises, the Presidential System has completely eliminated this.” said.

Stating that the people’s direct election of the President in the Presidential System also means giving the President a very important authority, Kalın said, “It would be an approach that is incompatible with the will of the people for a President elected by the people to assume a purely symbolic and honorary duty. If the people authorize a person as a president, A job description for him to use it will inevitably wait.” he said.

Stating that this system has opened a new page in the history of administration in Turkey and that it has been going well so far, Kalın made the following evaluations:

“Of course, there are some habits and deficiencies from the previous periods of the system in Turkey. As you know, last year, with the instruction of our President, a study was conducted under the chairmanship of our Vice President, Fuat Oktay, to eliminate the deficiencies of the current system. Necessary corrections continue to be made. In the final analysis, management models are dynamic structures, just as the society is dynamic and its needs are changing, it is natural for the administrations to update themselves in accordance with these needs.”

Presidential Spokesperson Kalın signed the books for the participants after the question-answer session.

Sakarya Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldirim, AK Party Deputy Chairman Ali İhsan Yavuz, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce, Sakarya Chief Public Prosecutor Osman Köse, SAU Rector Prof. Dr. Fatih Savaşan, academics, students and citizens attended.

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