One day we will host the Ukrainian in Mariupol

Ukraine’s leader Zelenskiy congratulated the Kalush Orchestra, which won the Eurovision Song Contest, and said that they will work for Eurovision to be held in Mariupol one day, adding, “I am sure that our victorious chord is not far in the war with the enemy.”

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy will host the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Italy this year. “Kalush Orchestra” representing Ukraine with the song “Stefania”In a statement on his Telegram account, he said that Ukrainian music and the courage of Ukrainians influenced Europe.

Vladimir Zelensky, “Next year Ukraine will host Eurovision, for the third time in its history and I believe not the last.” made its assessment.



Zelensky about the city of Mariupol, which is still under Russian siege. “We will do our best to host Eurovision participants and their guests one day in Ukrainian Mariupol.” used the phrase.

Zelenskiy thanked the team representing Ukraine in the competition, “I’m sure our victorious chord in the battle with the enemy is not far off.” made its assessment.

Ukraine also won the 2004 and 2016 Eurovision Song Contests.

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