Believe in all women, except her

Comedian Chris Rock spoke about the defamation lawsuit of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in his latest show. “Believe all women…except Amber Heard,” Rock said of Heard.

American comedian Chris Rock, who has been on the agenda for a long time with Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars; He commented on the ongoing court process of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Referring to the couple’s case during their comedy show in London, Rock said, “Believe all women… Except for Amber Heard.”

“What’s wrong with that woman? He used the bed as a toilet!” said Rock, referring to Depp’s case of leaving feces on the bed, which he voiced in court. The comedian said, “He left feces on the bed. What is going on here? And they continued their relationship after that.”

‘there are real victims in the world who deserve to be heard’

“Everybody plays the victim these days,” the 57-year-old comedian said. There are real victims in the world who deserve to be heard, our love and compassion. “But if everyone says they’re victims, no one will hear about the real victims,” ​​he said.

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