Abdullah Avci: History will write ‘Champion Trabzonspor’

Defeating Altay 2-1, Trabzonspor’s Coach Abdullah Avcı wished the whole community the best of luck after the match and said, “History will be written as ‘Champion Trabzonspor’”.

Declaring their championship in Spor Toto Super League, Trabzonspor managed to defeat Altay 2-1 in the 37th week at Atatürk Olympic Stadium. Technical Director Abdullah Avcı answered the questions at the press conference held after the match. Saying that there is no need to talk too much about the game, Avcı said, “There is no need to talk much about the game. It is guaranteed to be the championship, it is ahead by points, and we could have stayed in the game and solved the match earlier, even though they were physically tired. It is very nice to win. We are a competitive team. Winning is in the spirit of the game, it feels good, 81 points feel good. But this place is 1100 km away from Trabzon, but Trabzon fans are everywhere. Those who came to the match at the stadium, those who could not support from home throughout the season. Today, 70 thousand fans came here. I once against Trabzonspor at this stadium 70 thousand I played against a person. I know this situation well. It was valuable for them to win today. We made the people who came happy, we lifted our trophy with them again. The feelings we have experienced since yesterday are indescribable. We also experienced emotional moments. I knew such enthusiasm, but I had not experienced this much. Endless thanks to everyone. We’re going to have fun this week. We’re going to prepare for the last game of the weekend. It’s been a great season for us. . We’ve done many ‘best’s. We were the team that remained the leader for the longest time. We didn’t let anyone near us. Good luck to the community again. The race will end next week, but life will begin with new goals,” he said.

Saying that they have started their plans for the next season, Avcı said, “Transfer studies have started. Plans are not just about transfer, either. I think that our clubs and a club like Trabzonspor need a bigger organization every time. It has many legs. We are working on these. We handled the transfer very quickly last year as well. We are working on how to do better one step at a time. There are many lessons to be learned from this year. The closest target seems to be to play the Champions League Play-Off. This is always changing due to the situation in Russia and Ukraine. We are working as if we are going to play the Play-Offs. For Trabzonspor, it is very important for the country to stay in the Play-Offs. It is very important both in terms of economy and in terms of international experience,” he said.


Expressing that he knows very well what enthusiastic play means, Avcı said, “As a coach, I know the meaning of enthusiastic play whether I am in Trabzon or another club. There is such a thing as playing like Trabzonspor. I make jokes about it sometimes. Does anyone play the enthusiastic game better than Bayern Munich? He played 30 percent possession against Stuttgart in the last game, but Bayern made it 3-0. There are plans. There is strategy according to the opponent. Now we study for hours. If we do not book, the player is questioning. I will choose the current game according to which profile the player in hand fits. I’m from the Black Sea. I have been sincere and honest all my life. Sometimes you lose the final, sometimes you lose trophies, but you try to change something. Mevlana has a saying; He said, ‘If you want to change something, but it doesn’t happen, the next one will be better’,” he continued. Noting that there are fans of every team in the stands, Avcı said, “If there are fans of every team in the stands, that makes me very happy. Trabzonspor’s game and effort this year was respected by the presidents of the clubs we competed in. I am in favor of continuing this respect. We need to explain the details of the important teams of this country, the game as the right example. It’s great to have other team forms in the stands. Every club has made mistakes. Even if I try to retreat somewhere, I will not get into it. Let’s stay in this beautiful game. Trabzonspor is the champion of the 2021-2022 season. That was the biggest target. If we break the score record next week, history will write that too.”

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