3-year ban on action in Guinea, where the military has staged a coup

In Guinea, where the military has staged a coup, it has been announced that street protests are prohibited during the 36-month transition period.

In a written statement made by the military junta, the National Unity and Development Committee (CNRD), it was reported that any street action that could harm social peace and the transition process is prohibited until democratic elections are held.

The NGO, the National Front for the Protection of the Constitution (FNDC), which has held many demonstrations across the country against the 3rd term candidacy of the ousted leader Alpha Conde, announced that they will not comply with the ban, which they describe as “illegal” and “illegal”.

The Guinea Human Rights Defense Organization (OGDH) also stated that taking action is a right included in international conventions and the transitional charter adopted by the junta.

The National Transitional Council (CNT), which served as a councilor in the military junta government in Guinea, had decided to return to civilian rule after 36 months and to hold democratic elections at the end of this period.


Lieutenant Colonel Doumbouya, Commander of Special Forces Units in Guinea, took over the administration by a coup d’etat on September 5, 2021. Doumbouya, who is one of the most trusted names of President Alpha Conde and was appointed by Conde himself in 2018, announced that they seized the administration due to the bad course in the country. Doumbouya was sworn in as president of the transition process at a ceremony on October 1, 2021.

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