100 thousand convicts will stay at home

After the open prison permits, which have been extended 12 times since the beginning of the epidemic, will come to an end, the eyes turned to whether the permits will be extended again. The re-extension of the covid permits, which will expire on May 31, is on the agenda.

200,000 prisoners have benefited from the coronavirus (Kovid-10) permit since April 15, 2020. The AK Party put on its agenda the requests for the re-extension of the permits, which will expire on May 31.


in the Turkish newspaper newsAccording to the report, at the last meeting of the AK Party’s Group Board of Directors, evaluations were made regarding the extension of the coronavirus (Kovid-19) permits. Some members of the Group Board of Directors said, “Those who have been out for 2 years have started a new life. They started or started a business. It would not be right to send them back to prison. Prisons have already exceeded their capacity. It would be better to extend the permits,” he said.

At the meeting, AK Party group executives informed that the prevailing view in the cabinet was to end these permits, but that the issue would be discussed with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan again.

In this context, the Ministry of Justice will be contacted. If it is decided to extend the permits, steps will be taken until May 31. Due to the epidemic conditions, more than 100 thousand convicts took advantage of this opportunity and spent their remaining sentences outside.

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