What if it’s a movie of old plots that comes to the city

In his poem “Smile”, Kemal Burkay was saying “Maybe a movie will come to town”.

If it’s a new movie, of course, you’ll smile.

What if it’s an old, squashed movie coming to town!

State officials’ words “I have confidential information due to my duty” are familiar, for example. Your eye is biting from somewhere.

It feels like we’ve seen this movie in horror before, not the first time.

When I hear things like this, it still gets me a smile. But pain is pain.

What “duty” can it be to say that people have “private information” and to use it politically against their opponents?

It is clear that there is no duty within the scope of the fight against crime.

If it is a criminal information, it is written in the law how to do the necessary.

Using it politically against opposing party members cannot be among the necessities of duty anyway.

As far as I know, no one has been given the task of accessing confidential information by state power.

On the contrary, the law orders the privacy of private life and the protection of personal data. They are supposedly under constitutional guarantee.

The intelligence gathering authority of security units is also defined by law. It cannot be abused. It is forbidden to listen to or watch opponents for purposes such as political design.

The old version of the movie had to put cameras in the bedrooms; this was justified in the name of fighting against deep state gangs, junta structures and tutelagers.

You remember that movie didn’t have a happy ending.

If it was objected to, if it had not been legitimized on purpose, the film would not have lasted until the July 15 coup attempt. The end would also be less painful, pathetic.

Wiretapping scandals, wiretapping, false evidence and conspiracies are still being paid for.

If the eyes closed in the cassette tapes of 2010 had been wide awake, the movie would have been cut short again.

However, even the investigation into the cassette plotters waited 6 years, and was taken off the shelf in 2016.

And only 2 weeks ago, it ended with the news that “in the case of the former leader of CHP, Baykal and former MHP executives, in the case of cassette conspiracy, 120 defendants were given prison sentences of up to 92 years”.

The types of crimes they committed were announced as follows: Being a member of an armed terrorist organization, violating the privacy of their homes, forgery, seizing personal data, preventing the exercise of political rights, and violating the privacy of private life.

The following was also reflected in the prosecutor’s opinion: “FETO carried out operations called cassette plots with the active participation and work of the members of the organization in the security intelligence units to design political life…”

Gülen, who was the leader of the organization in the case, said what he once said about the ‘Parallel Structure’ accusations in the judiciary and the police: “It has nothing to do with me. I don’t even know one-thousandth of the people who do that job and go into operations.”

Doesn’t it frighten you, too, to sense a familiarity in the current exhibits in the name of combating foreign powers, treacherous agents and espionage activities?

You know, when talking about confidential information about rival politicians…

You know, talking about the rumors about politics and power that a CHP member allegedly made with foreign ambassadors…

Don’t you always think of that old movie?

Even if all of them were true, wouldn’t they have already taken care of if a criminal element was found in the disclosed rumors?

And do AK Party members talk different things with foreign diplomats, do they never talk about the election calendar, do they not drag the opposition back and forth?

But for some reason, the environments where words are spoken or listened to, the opposition…

It is told by making it look like a crime, and if it is a crime, it is not said why no one was arrested.

The previous one didn’t have a good ending. I hope the sequel doesn’t go as far as putting cameras in bedrooms again.

It is the famous saying of Marx; ‘great events occur twice in history, but once as tragedy, second as comedy’.

Come on, say “Smile”, it’s from Sezen.

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