Trabzonspor’s ‘championship fleet’ reaches Faroz Port

Trabzonspor's 'championship fleet' reaches Faroz Port

As the championship fleet was formed at sea within the scope of Trabzonspor’s championship celebrations, dozens of fishing boats and rowboats accompanied the pleasure boat carrying the maroon-blue convoy. The convoy reached the Port of Faroz.

Spor Toto Super League champion Trabzonspor will lift the championship trophy with the trophy ceremony to be held at the Medical Park Stadium in the Şenol Güneş Sports Complex.
While a series of celebration events were held before the ceremony, the Black Sea team first formed a ‘champions fleet’ by sea from Mehmet Ali Yılmaz Facilities at 17.00.
Many large and small fishing boats and pleasure boats accompanied the celebrations of the burgundy-blue people at sea, turning the Black Sea waters into a carnival area.
While dozens of fishing boats and rowboats joined the cruise boat carrying the Trabzonspor group, two coast guard ships accompanied the boats.
When the championship fleet reached Faroz Port, the enthusiasm increased, and the maroon-blue fans waiting at the port, on the beach and on the rocks showed intense love for their team with torches and cheers.
While a female supporter was injured due to the lit torches, 112 teams intervened in the injured woman.
The burgundy-blue players got off the boat waiting for them and moved to the Medical Park Stadium with the open-top bus waiting for them at Faroz Port.

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