You Will Be Surprised To Hear The Foods That Intake The Calcium In Milk! Here Are Those Foods

Calcium, which all living things need, is of great importance in bone development and in maintaining bone health. Is it wrong to say that calcium is mostly in milk? Here are those foods that are richer in calcium than milk…

A healthy diet plays a major role in the adequate intake of calcium that is not produced by the body. Alright Why is calcium important for your health? Because in the main physical structure of our body, namely in the bone, calcium is the main component. Teeth and bones are formed by calcium. An adult human has 1-2 kg of calcium. When calcium, such a valuable mineral for the body, is not taken into the body for various reasons, it is called “calcium deficiency”. Plenty of foods are rich in calcium, and most do not consist of animal foods such as milk. Most people know that they need to drink milk regularly if they want to get high amounts of calcium. But what if there are other foods that contain more calcium than milk? Here are those foods that are richer in calcium than milk…


Whey Protein

Whey protein is popular with health lovers and exercisers. You can’t miss whey protein as it contains amino acids and proteins. You can also build muscle by choosing to eat whey protein every day. So you also have good bone quality and strength. In addition, whey protein and high calcium intake have positive effects on metabolism. This means that in combination with each other they cause you to lose weight.



Dark green leafy vegetables are considered superfoods. In case you were wondering, these are cabbage, betel leaf, gourd, and cassia. All of these mentioned vegetables are high in calcium. Therefore, adding these vegetables to your diet is guaranteed to make it rich in calcium.



Cereals are made from a variety of grains. In addition to being full of beneficial fiber and vitamins, some grains are also high in calcium. You get quite a bit of calcium even before adding milk. Taking it with milk will give you an even better boost. Choose grains that are simple but have health benefits.


Spinach Seeds

The protein in spinach seeds is the same as any other whole grain. However, as for the amount of calcium, it is four times more than them. It may be surprising that the calcium content in spinach is also very high. And the fact that there is more calcium in spinach seeds than in spinach leaves.



In addition to milk obtained from animals, a new alternative for consumers is plant-based milk varieties with high calcium content. Almond milk, hazelnut milk, etc., which contain slightly less calcium than cow’s milk. A quick tip: Drink lots of water, such as freshly squeezed orange juice. It also has a high calcium content. Try adding a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice made from 5 fruits to your breakfast. You’ll get about 300 milligrams of calcium.



Molasses is also a healthy alternative for you. Compared to white sugar, which has no nutritional benefits, it’s much better when it comes to sweetening. Molasses is also aromatic and rich in vitamins and minerals, including calcium. Sweeten your regular drink by adding a tablespoon of molasses without fear of gaining weight.

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