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We watched an amazing final series. No championship matches of any branch other than football had attracted such great attention. Volleyball has entered the agenda of Turkey in general for women, not only as a national team, but also on the basis of clubs.

First of all, thanks to the players for the challenge, sportsmanship, ambition and willing play throughout the 3-2 series. There are matches where there is no loser. There are really no losers in this series and the last final game. The winner was Turkish women’s volleyball.


If we evaluate the last match, we can say that the strength of Fenerbahçe, where younger players took responsibility, was not enough for the last world champion, VakıfBank with epaulettes. For the players who show such a selfless struggle, it is not possible to talk about the negativities or the things that cannot be done. Gabi and Haak added a new one to their magnificent game and marked the finale of the final. Cansu exhibited one of the best games of the series. Kübra crowned her rising graphic with the blocks she made. When the block queen Zehra got a good pass, she attacked very well. The moon was very good. Hackley continues to play like a professor. But my star is Gabi… Every team needs it.


Fenerbahçe lost its chance to close this year with a trophy due to lack of experience.

Thank you to the athletes for their performance throughout the series. I say it again, the winner was Turkish volleyball.

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