Murat Özbostan wrote! “The Big 3 are united, they are attacking Trabzonspor”

Abdullah Avcı said, “Everything exploded in the hut, except for Silan.” Along with these words, defenses such as “Thousands of men entered the field in the Antalya match in Trabzon. What will happen?” were dropped on social media, they were dropped! Has a champion team never celebrated their joy all over the world and in Turkey on the field before? Surely there will be mistakes. However, the style is very ugly… Moreover, Trabzonspor made an impact all over the world with its exemplary celebrations, and made the best possible advertisement of Turkey, which you can’t afford to have a million dollars. Perception games are going to a dangerous level. If the coach of the champion team (Abdullah Avcı) says, “Respect us”, you need to think about it…

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