last minute | Finland’s NATO decision made a mess! Successive statements from Russia and NATO

Breaking news: Finland announced that it will apply for NATO membership. In a joint statement signed by President Niinisto and Prime Minister Marin, it was stated that Finland should apply to the alliance without delay.

It was a matter of curiosity what Russia would say to this decision of Finland. As expected, the Kremlin reacted very harshly to this decision. In a statement made by the Kremlin, “Ukraine’s attacks on the Russian border areas require measures to ensure security in these areas. Finland’s NATO membership is definitely a threat to Russia. Everyone wants to avoid a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO. NATO enlargement will bring Europe or doesn’t make the world safer”

In the continuation of his statement, Russia said, “Russia is ready to respond in the most determined way to all parties that want to get involved in the Ukraine issue. It is not possible to establish relations with Gazprom Germania and other companies that are sanctioned.”

Details are coming…

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