Last Minute: 30 million Euro request from Jorge Jesus! If he comes to Fenerbahçe…


Fenerbahce President Ali Koç also had a face-to-face meeting with Jorge Jesus for the second time. After the positive meeting, it was claimed that the Portuguese coach wanted a transfer budget of 30 million Euros.

Officially, the signature was not signed, but the team of the 67-year-old teacher followed Fenerbahçe and started to study his lesson. Here is what happened one by one after the first meeting on April 26:

According to the news of Sabah; Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç flew to Portugal at the end of April to have his first meeting with Jorge Jesus. At the dinner, which was also attended by Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, a net offer of 5 million Euros was offered to the experienced coach.

Last Minute: If Fenerbahçe receives a 30 million Euro request from Jorge Jesus...



Jorge Jesus, together with his assistants, asked for 10 million Euros in total at that meeting. The difference was 5 million Euros. Ali Koç presented his projects and his file about the team and took the floor for the next meeting.

Jorge Jesus went on vacation to Brazil… In his statements here, he said that he received an offer from Fenerbahçe and that he had a positive outlook. On May 10, the second face-to-face meeting between Ali Koç and Jorge Jesus took place. Koç increased its offer from 5 million Euros to 6 million Euros.

Jesus, whose last salary was 8 million Euros at the Benfica club, where he worked, decreased from 10 million Euros to 7 million Euros in total with his assistants, but emphasized that he wanted a transfer budget of 30 million Euros.

The Portuguese coach’s scout team, which attaches great importance to the Champions League and therefore expects Fenerbahce to secure the league’s second place, started to look for talented players, especially from Brazil and Argentina.

Fenerbahce’s result in the Karagümrük match is important for Jesus’ transfer. If the point difference between Konyaspor and Konyaspor is maintained after this match, there will be no obstacle for Jesus’ transfer. The lawyer and manager of the Portuguese teacher is expected to come to Istanbul. Here, the final details will be clarified and the date of signature will be officially announced.


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