Galatasaray presidential candidate Metin Öztürk: We are working on transfers, if the candidate comes out, he will learn his lesson at the ballot box


Galatasaray presidential candidate Metin Öztürk’s statements after the meeting are as follows:

There was a 2-month period between April 30 and June 30. Now imagine that we were elected on June 11 and received the mandate on June 15th. There are 15 days. During this process, the transfers are completed, the instructor is thinking of parting ways, sending them out, planning the camp. There is very little time left. At the moment, we and probably the other presidential candidate will definitely work their teams on the transfer work as if they were elected. We get information from the current administration. If they have works, we will evaluate them as well.


On the one hand, we have volleyball, basketball and amateur branches. Galatasaray is a sports club, not futobl alone. Football is our main dynamo. We said, let’s not waste this precious time with election work, let’s continue with management work. As management, we are working full throttle. From time to time, we ask for information from the club, we also receive them. Volleyball is going well, basketball is going well. We also make our intellectual contributions. We want the order that goes well, especially in basketball and volleyball, and the teams there to continue. Our aim is not to have our acquaintances there, but to make Galatasaray go well. This applies to any industry. We will support everyone who leads us well, we will ask them to continue.



They have not asked us for information about football yet, and they have not provided any information themselves. We are having a very bad season already. They are also waiting for the current coach to submit a report at the end of the season. They will share that report with us. In this process, we did not have any problems with the current administration. There will definitely be a new structuring in football. The results show that it is poorly managed. There is no continuation of bad management. We will not touch the current order of the administration in matters other than football.


A new candidate may appear legally, but in a series of values ​​that come from a cultural home like Galatasaray High School, such behind-the-scenes work is not welcomed, he takes the necessary lesson at the ballot box. Galatasaray now needs unity, not a new chaos. He needs peace, not war. Now, the fans, the members and the public want to see what Galatasaray will do. Galatasaray’s future successes concern us more than who will be the president. We come to manage personally, with our projects, with our team. Otherwise, Galatasaray still has a president today. There was yesterday too. It will be tomorrow too. I think it is more important to carry the 117-year-old philosophy further than the name of the president. I don’t think there will be a candidate other than two candidates. The candidate who will come out of the two candidates will have finished his identity within Galatasaray. He’ll have his show, 3 days, 5 days. After that, I don’t know with what face he will sit between us and weigh the consequences of the chaos he has done. He will definitely weigh in and there will be no third candidate. Galatasaray will destroy the candidate in its own history.


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