FETÖ’s so-called victim game has been exposed! He was going to flee to Germany with a fake ID.

The social media accounts of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization again took action to create a so-called victimization perception regarding the members of the organization. The last example of this was Mustafa Enis Durak, who was dismissed after the coup attempt when he was a student at Izmir Maltepe Military High School. Social media accounts of the organization, which shared a photo of Durak with his mother in front of the courtroom, stated that Durak was arrested and sent to prison for the third time in 6 months. However, it was determined that Durak, who was caught in the pay phone investigation carried out under the coordination of İzmir Chief Public Prosecutor Can Tuncay, was called by his private imam from a pay phone 5 times in 2014. It was determined that he went to the houses of the organization and took place in the chat group of the private imams named Yusuf and Kenan while he was a military student.

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