Fatih Terim words from Berkan Kutlu in Galatasaray! ‘It didn’t feel real at first’


Berkan Kutlu, the national football player of Galatasaray, made remarkable statements on many issues, from the team’s performance this season to the departure of Fatih Terim, from the criticisms to the performance of the national team.

In a statement to TRT Spor, Berkan Kutlu said, “The reason I don’t speak is because we went badly. I am very attached to Galatasaray. I used to cry when he lost it when I was little. We suffered a lot this season due to my job. When I was little, Galatasaray used to lose 3-4 matches a year. I don’t know how much we lost now. “We’re having such a bad season. It’s been tiring for me too. There’s nothing to talk about. We have to work.” said.


Speaking about his transfer to Galatasaray, Berkan Kutlu said, “Alanyaspor trusted me, took me. I thank my contemporary teacher very much. He gave me that chance. I learned a lot there. I thank Sion as well. I was the captain of the youth. When I got an offer from Galatasaray, that moment is like this: I get goosebumps every moment I speak. It was a moment that I will live once in my life. I remember every season. Sometimes my friends say how do you know so much about Galatasaray. After all, I am in the dressing room where the UEFA cup was won. Thank you very much, Fatih Hoca, too. He He gave me the chance to come here. I knew he wanted me very much.” used the phrases.



Making a statement about Fatih Terim’s departure, the 24-year-old football player said, “Fatih teacher’s separation did not seem real to us at first. But we had to continue. Yes, it was a very difficult season, but we cannot attribute it to Fatih teacher’s departure or Torrent teacher’s arrival.” made the statement.


Expressing his views on Galatasaray’s bad season, Berkan Kutlu said, “I have experienced everything emotionally this season. You come to your dream team, but you are experiencing the worst season in its history. I blame myself. Playing 50 games in a season and being selected for the national team is a success, but in the end we failed. Galatasaray’s being in this position is something I would not even dream of, but it will be an experience for us for the future,” he said.


Making a statement about the criticism, Berkan Kutlu said, “Even though I am the player who runs the most, I am criticized. They say, ‘Yes, Berkan ran, what happened’ I don’t stay long.” used the phrases.


Emphasizing that the coaches do not expect goals or assists from him, Berkan Kutlu said, “If some positions had goals, I could have had 10 assists. But the coaches do not expect goals or assists from me. They expect other tasks from me.” he said.


Saying that Turkey and Europe matches are different, the young player said, “I think football is a team game. It is wrong to go by individuals. Berkan-Taylan gets a lot of interaction. They criticize us for having a bad season. Is there any responsibility, but it is only in Turkey to pay us the bill? something that is done. I will continue to fight. These criticisms motivate me. I will feel comfortable when I show everyone the real Berkan. We had a lot of bad luck this season. We were in the goal position the most during the Fatih coaching period. Some minor misfortunes brought us to this situation. “We were good in Europe. There is a big difference between Turkey and Europe. Some Anatolian teams are very tall.” made the statement.



Referring to the Barcelona game, Berkan said, “The Barcelona match gave us a lot of experience. The players of the opponents we play are very high level. When you see that you are not crushed against them, a wind is coming your way. Saying goodbye to the cup in the quarter-finals is not a success for us. Our goal in the new season is the championship. Europe’ “I want to represent my country in the five big leagues of the FA. I did not arrange the testimonial given to me. He was under the control of Galatasaray and Alanyaspor. People do not understand this.” used the phrases.

Kutlu said that he received different reactions because he played on the left wing in the National Team. It means that the teacher saw something and decided like that.” he ended his speech.

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