Think twice before buying for kids! Especially under 4 years old…

Experts underline that although there are certain warnings on the packaging of confectionery in general, these are overlooked, and in fact, this type of irritation and burns is not uncommon. Due to the high acid levels and chemicals, both children and adults should definitely not consume it.


In particular, there are warnings on the packaging of sour candies that children under the age of 4 should not consume them and that they may cause temporary irritation in the tongue and mouth as a result of rapid consumption.

Jonathan Teo of the Australian Dental Association says that while sour sugars can cause chemical burns due to high acid and PH levels, these sweets can be quite dangerous. Expressing that they made a special post on this subject last year, Teo emphasizes that dentists say that sugars should be completely avoided.

Underlining that this is true for individuals of all ages, from children to the elderly, experts say that labels are insufficient in this sense.


A foreign toothpaste company, in a study on sour candies, concluded that these sweets are actually more acidic than vinegar.

In the photos shared by the mother, it is also possible to see the severity of the burn that occurred in the middle of the child’s tongue. At the same time, various users have also commented on this wound, which can be understood from the photo, which is very painful. One person says “these sour candies should be collected like dangerous toys.” while another person said, “Keep these candies away from your child and never near children.” made comments like

It should also be noted that lollipops are not suitable for small children. Children under a certain age should not be allowed to consume sugar, as it can lead to undesirable and very bad consequences, especially choking. If you are not sure whether it is suitable for your child, you can read the label or consult your doctor.

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