The tragic death of the 26-year-old teenager! He died while plugging his phone into the charger.

In Mersin, 26-year-old Abdullah Baysal, who was plugging his mobile phone into the charger, lost his life due to the current. Baysal’s body was buried.

The terrible event occurred in Mersin’s Karaahmetli District. Abdullah Baysal (26) who tried to plug his mobile phone into the socket was caught in the current due to an electrical leakage. Baysal died at the scene.

After his relatives realized the situation, the incident was reported to the gendarmerie and health teams. After the examination, Baysal’s body was transferred to the forensic medicine institution for autopsy.



After the autopsy, the young man’s body was brought to Erdemli Tabiye Mahallesi Alata Cemetery. Here, his brother Muhammed Baysal led the funeral prayer. Later, the young man’s body was buried in tears. It was reported that the investigation is continuing regarding the incident.

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