The accusation awaiting the housing barons – Akif Beki

I’m not an economist, but even I can see that; If you flood the market with TL with cheap loans, you will blow up inflation even more.

Moreover, there is no economist who does not warn.

President Erdoğan announced the good news.

Housing loans with a 10-year repayment will be made available for free, with an interest rate of less than 1 percent. up to 2 million pounds.

If you take out a million-dollar loan, the monthly installment is 15 thousand liras; If you pull 2 ​​million, it comes to around 30 thousand.

Thus, the housing stocks in the hands of the contractors will be melted, the construction sector will be revitalized and the low-income will be provided with the opportunity to buy a house.

What an idea, great support…

As long as the low-income people can pay monthly installments of 15 to 30 thousand liras.

Three birds with one stone, the magic formula, mashallah!

Its only drawback is not limited to the fact that it will further inflate housing prices.

It is feared that the money pressed into the market will increase by opening the taps and injecting the excess, thus exacerbating inflation.

The situation that causes the TL to depreciate and its purchasing power to decrease and turn into stamps.

You know how his back will come…

Warners today will be primarily accused of doomsaying. They will be portrayed as the trumpets of foreign powers. It will be said that they do not rejoice in any good news for the benefit of the people, in favor of the nation, and that this is the cibility of their breed.

You know the aftermath, the classic ending. When the feared disaster comes to a head and the warnings become reality, this time the government will say, ‘Yes, there is a problem, but we did not do it’.

The housing prices rocket has been fired, the price hikes have taken off and settled into the orbit they were launched. ‘Who did it?

And they will be hunted down by the housing barons whose prices skyrocketed to the Moon by squandering cheap credit. The people will not be crushed by those opportunists who bleed on their dreams of owning a home.

Those coup barons; His dark ambitions, which are to overthrow the government by making the people miserable, are not a secret in the world. Woe to them! There is a future for them, don’t they shudder when they look at this approaching flood?


It escaped my attention, Prof. Arif Efficient shared the following message on Twitter the day before:

“Now let’s get back to the real issue. 20 Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospitals with 300 beds should be built urgently in our country. 5 of them just have to be AMATEM. Drug/stimulant use and addiction are appalling and this will triple the crime rate in the near future…”

Arif Hodja, who spent his life fighting against substance abuse, says, it’s good to be startled.

But those involved don’t seem to be dismayed.

They sleep with the opposition. Everything else is important to the extent that it can be used to fight the opposition.

Says Arif Hodja; The use of poisons, which is also the subject of the ‘powdered sugar’ scandal, has increased, it has reached terrible proportions, tomorrow is unstoppable, many other crimes will triple soon, there is not a day to lose, hurry up before it’s too late…

If this decay and corruption is not stopped, it will engulf the whole body like a gangrene, the rest is details.

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