LAST MINUTE: Speechless words from CHP pro-journalist Can Ataklı to İmamoğlu: The bubble burst…

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu’s hosting of Nagehan Alçı and Ertuğrul Özkök on the VIP bus during his Black Sea tour caused a great reaction in his sector. While ignoring the reactions, İmamoğlu took a rest by saying, ‘The buzz comes, the trot goes’. When the reactions increased exponentially, İmamoğlu made a forced apology, but this did not satisfy the angry CHP supporters. The last reaction to İmamoğlu came from Tele 1 Presenter and Korkusuz Newspaper Writer Can Ataklı, who is known for his closeness to the CHP. Ataklı was uploaded to İmamoğlu on his personal Youtube page with poisonous words. Ataklı said, “Let’s come to the last event. In a sense, it was good, the balloon burst, friend. Maybe from now on, opposition figures will say that even a nail was not hammered in Istanbul, no service was provided. I said it twice, I was attacked heavily. There is nothing in Istanbul. It wasn’t done. Is there a relief in traffic? No. Did they build a new building, did they open a new road, no.” said.

Imamoglu comment from Can Ataklı “The balloon burst” | Video


Can Ataklı stated that Ekrem İmamoğlu made mistakes as soon as he took office, and that the sick CHP members were making a dish for these mistakes. Ataklı said, “Ekrem İmamoğlu has made a series of mistakes since the day he was elected. The week he was elected, he got up and left for Bodrum, sometimes it happens, there is tremendous rain, floods and stuff in Istanbul. What did the man say, ‘I don’t have a private life, bro? “The sick CHP members accepted these words. They made a fuss, ‘Of course, my brother, won’t he be with his family because he is the mayor?’ It will happen, my brother, of course, but it’s been a month since you’ve been selected, what the hell is it? Again, the same logic, the same arrogance, the same disdain. But that sick section of the CHP said, ‘Don’t touch it…’ or something.” used the phrases.

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