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I have written before; Turkey does not give a good test of fair distribution of public space. He is domineering, power-driven, and does not confront his invading mind. The political power continues to show the most concrete examples of this disastrous style in every field today.

With a circular issued by the Ministry of Interior in May 2020, the “music ban”, which was brought as an excuse by the pandemic, continued despite the removal of the pandemic bans. Despite the intense criticism of the ban, both legally and socially, no satisfactory response was given to the objections. Now, like a blessing, this ban is pulled to 01:00 at night.

There is no explanation as to the logic of this practice, which suppresses a lifestyle with a ban, rather than canceling it. They may be waiting for the criticism that has risen again recently to subside and for the citizens who saw death to consent to malaria.

We will not. We shouldn’t be.

At a time when chicken doner, lentil soup, rice, bread, water, dishwashing detergent, electricity bill, gas, pen, computer, shoes, sofa set and books are so expensive, it may not seem reasonable at first glance to overshadow the struggle for labor and fight for a lifestyle. . But let’s not forget that we have reached this cost today as a result of the damage to personal rights and freedoms, especially freedom of expression. The reason why we did not encounter reactions that would object to the current economic policies, which is a silent public consensus about its wrongness, and that would save the people from being impoverished, was the heavy damage to personal rights and freedoms.

As long as we do not object to the increasingly interventionist, uniformist reflexes, we will normalize the repressive role of political power on our way of life. A ban on music today may turn into something completely different tomorrow. Even if the political power changes, this normalized role can continue in the period of new governments and different practices can be prevented.

I adopt and insist as a principled attitude to oppose the suppression of life styles, life practices and ways of thinking by force. That’s why, when the relevant ban was implemented, I tried to point out that, with an article titled “This Song Doesn’t End Here”, the lifestyles that were suppressed from this column sprouted stronger, that there will be no beauty by force, that the era of administrations that try to standardize people and do not give the other the right to life will pass quickly. Unfortunately I had to repeat it today.

The Ministry of Interior and the government continue to insist on the mistake. Both Süleyman Bey and other members of the government seem to have forgotten about the temporary nature of the government.

However, I wish they listened to some music, the songs sing all these things:

“This world is neither for you nor for me.

Sultan Suleiman did not

No book like this would ever be written.”


Due to a small accident I had, I delayed my writings. I apologize to my readers. I would like to thank everyone who sent their wishes to get well soon and healed my wounds by making me feel that they are with me.

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