Here is the domestic and national passport

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan listed the good news one after another. One of the good news he gave in the statement he made after the cabinet meeting the previous day was about passports. Erdogan stated that domestic and national passport production will begin and that the infrastructure has been established to produce passports in our country, whose global supply opportunities have become difficult due to the “chip” crisis. Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu introduced the domestic e-passport, new e-blue card and new e-driver license yesterday. For the first time, the expression ‘Turkey’ was used instead of ‘Turkey’ in the new e-driver’s license and new e-passports. In the image of the new driver’s license, which draws attention with its high-level security measures, our domestic and national car TOGG did not escape the attention.
The pages of our new passport, which is one of the most secure passports in the world, start with Topkapı Palace and end with the first Parliament building, with the Hagia Sophia Mosque in the middle.

New domestic e-passport; Compared to the passport currently in use, it brings many innovations with its security features and technology. The new domestic e-passport has a contactless chip with TÜBİTAK AKİS operating system and many new security elements. In addition, for the first time, the expression ‘Turkey’ will be used instead of ‘Turkey’ in the new domestic e-passport.

Production will begin in August.

Minister Soylu, who also gave information about the new e-driver license, stated that our domestic car TOGG, seat belt and driver images were used in his image. Soylu continued:

There is also a change in the issue of the new blue card. Instead of light blue card for paper material based tampering; The new e-blue card, which contains biometric data, has a contactless chip, contains many security elements, and is made of durable and long-lasting polycarbonate material, has been designed.

New e-blue card requests can be made from all Provincial and District Population Directorates and foreign representative offices.

As with our other cards, personalization will be produced in the common personalization center within the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs and delivered to the addresses of our kinsmen.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu stated that while entering the 2023 process, it is clearly intended to create areas of incitement, and said that the issue of migration has become the number one material of those areas of provocation. Soylu said that he did not even know that CHP Leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu had the authority to grant citizenship to the Population Administration. Regarding the Syrians who were granted citizenship, Soylu said, “The number of Syrians who have gained citizenship by meeting the criteria and become citizens of the Republic of Turkey is 200,950.”

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