First he stabbed many times and then he kicked!

In Tekirdag, the alleged fight between the two people in the car and the two passers-by due to ‘talking’ turned into horror. One of the pedestrians stabbed the person who got out of the car several times and then kicked him.

The horrifying incident occurred on Martyr Lieutenant Yavuzer Street in Reşadiye District of Çorlu district. Allegedly, two pedestrians gestured to two people they did not know in the car turning on the road. After a verbal argument, a fight broke out between the two people who got out of the car and the two pedestrians on the grounds that they were insulted.


One of the pedestrians, AT attacked MA with a knife and injured him in the back and leg. AT also kicked MA’s head, who fell to the ground. While MA, who was taken to the hospital, was being treated, AT was taken into custody.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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