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Galatasaray Club President Burak Elmas said that they decided to announce the new date of the extraordinary election general assembly of the club, which was planned to be held on April 30 but was stopped by the court, next week.

Elmas gave information about the annual ordinary financial general assembly held on March 26 and the developments that followed at the press conference held at the Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex Nef Stadium.

Reminding that they took the decision of the extraordinary general assembly after they were not released from the administrative side in the financial congress, Elmas said that some members then brought the issue to the judiciary.

Noting that they kept the presidential candidates Eşref Hamamcıoğlu and Metin Öztürk informed about the developments, Elmas reminded that the 10th Civil Court of First Instance decided to suspend the elective general assembly as a precautionary measure, following the lawsuit filed by club member Fırat Develioğlu last week, but this decision was lifted upon the objection.


Explaining that Fırat Develioğlu appealed to the 4th Civil Chamber of the Istanbul Regional Court of Justice (Appeal), Elmas said:

“It is interesting that on the day of the appeal application, we did not have any information, but around 16.00, the decision allegedly taken by the court of appeal began to circulate. Our lawyers told us that there was no such decision in UYAP. The decision was made today. But whoever served it, the day before. He knew about this decision. After this decision, a serious reputation assassination and lynching started. Later on, the business grew and a campaign began to suggest that the injunction was taken by me. While all this was going on, no decision reached our club until this morning. We found out this morning.”

Explaining that he met with the presidential candidates Hamamcıoğlu and Öztürk today after the decision, Elmas said, “They told me that they wanted this election to be postponed to May 21-28. Galatasaray had a difficult month. It’s a very serious decision that a management that will leave after a month without a budget. It happens. I told them we had concerns about the budget. Therefore, we could not make some of our transfers in amateur branches. By the way, we applied to the court today to have the injunction lifted, but that application was also rejected.” said.


Emphasizing that the presidential candidates want a fair election and that they are right in this regard, Burak Elmas said, “Galatasaray has been pushed into a serious chaos. Our whole community must fight those who want to follow this and ensure its continuation. I see that our supporters and some of our members are being misled, especially on social media. “If we did, the club would be headless and would not be able to take decisions in very serious situations. There is no need for such a resignation to pave the way for the election. We did everything we could to ensure that the election took place.” made its assessment.

Explaining that they have been struggling with many problems since they took office in Galatasaray Club, Elmas continued as follows:

“We had issues that were considered indisputable in Galatasaray, and presented them to the information of our members. This disturbed many people. We tried to be prevented, but we did not give up. We were transparent about everything about the future of Galatasaray and never deviated from our path. There were a few groups who struggled from the very beginning not to have this done. Unfortunately, this struggle continued in the ordinary general assembly. It happened during the Polat period as well. This issue came to the fore again during the period of Mr. Mustafa Cengiz.”

Explaining that there was a serious struggle within the Galatasaray Club, Elmas said, “Although Galatasaray is the luckiest club to pay its debt today, these projects were not wanted to be made, and I think it was done especially by a group of people who wanted Galatasaray to go to the trustee.”


Burak Elmas stated that Galatasaray Club could not come out of this difficult process without an election. “We want to consult in this sense. Galatasaray has important veterans. I would like to meet with our former presidents as well. We have decided to make the necessary statements next week, in order to set a date in a way that will not lock Galatasaray,” he said.

Explaining that Galatasaray’s first priority is to get out of the chaos and to carry out the election, Elmas said, “This is not the priority of Galatasaray. We have to get out of here first. We have to get Galatasaray out of here together,” said Elmas.


Burak Elmas stated that during this process, they called Aykutalp Derkan and Fırat Develioğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and asked him to withdraw the lawsuit, but he did not respond positively to these requests.

Explaining that he has expressed the dangers Galatasaray is in many times, Elmas stated that he will file a criminal complaint against some people related to what happened during the court process. and then they stand aside and wait for the next president to do the same.” made the statement.

Emphasizing that they had the opportunity to enter the elections twice in this process, Elmas said, “We could have made the necessary objections, taken a precautionary decision and entered the election. We did not choose them and wanted this process to continue. But at the point we reached, it did not happen no matter how much we wanted it. But Galatasaray entered its normal course. We will do our best for you.” expressed an opinion.


Elmas answered the question about the fact that some members will go to Galatasaray High School tomorrow to collect signatures for the election to be held:

“I support this signing issue. In fact, I will go and sign it tomorrow. My friends on the board of directors will also sign it. Galatasaray democracy cannot be interfered with for different reasons. We must react harshly to any interference in Galatasaray democracy from inside or outside. Our members do not need to worry. Galatasaray” There is no president and board of directors struggling for power here, despite the will and future survival of . Let’s be calm for him. Let’s not be fooled by those who make a fuss about ‘there will be no election’ and make unnecessary perceptions. Galatasaray needs to make an election. After thinking for a few days, consultations are required. We will do it and share the result with Galatasaray fans.”

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