Election race in Galatasaray: Aysal’s decision is final, surprise offer to Dursun Özbek! Burak Elmas is in the list work


Before the Extraordinary Election General Assembly to be held at Galatasaray Club on June 11th, the backstage was very active. After Eşref Hamamcıoğlu and Metin Öztürk, who were candidates for the presidency in the election on April 30, which was canceled by a court decision and did not give up on these ideas, two more important names came to the fore.

Uzbek thinking

The third person to stand out for candidacy in the community was Dursun Özbek, one of the former presidents. The number of people who want to see Özbek as president again is quite high. Leading names of the community will meet with Özbek this week and demand his union with Eşref Hamamcıoğlu. Dursun Özbek, who is currently cold towards candidacy, will make his final decision on this issue in a few days.

Aysal will not be a candidate

It was claimed that another ex-president, Ünal Aysal, was also considering a job in the backstage. While Aysal’s meeting with the former executives she worked with during his presidency at a dinner strengthens the claims in this direction, according to the information obtained by Hürriyet, Aysal has absolutely no idea of ​​being a candidate at this time.


In diamond list work

Another name that all eyes are on is the current president, Burak Elmas. Elmas, who has not yet decided whether to be a candidate or not, continued to work to establish a new board of directors. It has been learned that Elmas will be a candidate again if he can create a strong list. Presidential candidates will announce their lists on Friday, May 20.


Galatasaray Presidential Candidate Metin Öztürk answered his plans and important points of discussion on the Sports Arena YouTube channel. If he is elected, he will make a safe deposit box, he will work with Levent Nazifoğlu, the polemic of Nuri Şahin, his views on Domenec Torrent and Okan Buruk and much more in our video.

Galatasaray Presidential Candidate Eşref Hamamcıoğlu was the guest of Uğur Yapıcı on the Sports Arena YouTube channel. Describing the ideal he desires and his plans in Galatasaray, Hamamcıoğlu responded for the first time to the discussion topic of “free presidential candidate”. The club’s workable structure, the preference of safes, the future of Domenec Torrent, Daniel Farke’s reality share, the possible structuring of the football branch and the election agenda… All and more in our video.

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