Confession after 19 years! One of his 4 children came from an uncle and one from a brother-in-law

Breaking news… According to the lawsuit filed at the Istanbul Family Court, FD (44) who worked as a cleaner and AD (36) got married in 2003. Four children were born from this marriage of the couple. Allegedly, FD heard from his circle that his two children, aged 13 and 6, were not his own. When he asked his wife about this situation, FD was shocked when he learned that neither of his children was his.

According to the news in Hürriyet; FD could not believe what he heard when he learned that his daughter was from his sister’s wife and that his son was from his real uncle. FD, who applied to the Family Court to determine whether his children were his or not, filed a lawsuit for denial of lineage. As a result of the DNA from the Forensic Medicine Institute, FD learned once again that neither of his children was his own, and was very disappointed, this time, he filed a divorce case against his wife for ‘adultery’.

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