Broken credit card will untie the knot

Cem İnan Ünlü (28), who killed his 38-year-old brother Cenk Çağın Ünlü, with 21 knife strokes in a flat on the terrace floor in Şişli, Istanbul, was arrested and sent to prison. A broken credit card belonging to his brother and a thousand lira were seized on Cem İnan Ünlü, who was determined to have come from Finland in January and used his right to remain silent in his statement at the police station. It is predicted that the knot of the murder will be solved as a result of the examination of the expenditures made by the elder brother Ünlü with his credit card.

The murder suspect Ünlü, in his statement at the Magistrate’s Court on Duty reached by SABAH, said, “My brother used to cover my expenses with his own credit cards. He used to give me his credit card from time to time. He claimed that he did not kill his brother himself. In its arrest decision, the Criminal Magistrate on Duty ruled that there is strong suspicion of crime and evidence that the accused Ünlü committed the crime of “deliberate killing”.

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