Bad news for Fenerbahçe from Kim Min-jae and Arda Güler

Fenerbahçe Club announced that 25-year-old South Korean defender Kim Min-jae and 17-year-old young player Arda Güler were injured.

In the statement made by the yellow-dark blue club, “One of our professional football players, Kim Min-Jae, has been decided to go to his country, South Korea, due to the complaint of pain in the right foot talus bone. The exact situation of our player will be clarified as a result of consultations.” it was said.

In the statement, the following statements were made for Arda:

“According to the MRI of our young player Arda Güler, taken at Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital for the pelvic region due to ongoing pain in the hip and groin area, widespread stress reaction in the right acetabulum and iliac bone region, edema, and strain-tendinitis symptoms were detected at the iliopsoas muscle tendon junction. started.”

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