Pentagon confirms sending Ukrainians to Russia “against their will”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said he did not have specific numbers for this practice, but “we have indications that there are Ukrainians being transferred against their will to Russia.”

“We continue to believe that Russian soldiers continue to commit war crimes” in Ukraine, Kirby added.

He said there was $100 million left from the first aid package, which was passed by Congress to support Ukraine.

“We want to intelligently use the rest of the aid treasury that serves what the Ukrainians need in the current battles. By the end of the third week of this month, we expect the aid package approved by Congress to be exhausted, so we are asking him to quickly pass the second package requested by the administration,” the spokesman continued.

On the other hand, Kerry said, “What we hear from the Ukrainians is that they use howitzers and they are effective weapons, but we don’t get into where and when they use them.”

He continued, “We are trying to deliver military aid that the Ukrainians can use, so we relied on neighboring countries at first to provide Soviet-made weapons that the Ukrainians know,” but “we are now training more than 300 Ukrainian soldiers on American weapons and defense systems.”

He also stressed that what Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his speech about the threats posed by Ukraine is “incorrect.”

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