Moscow: We have enough high-precision missiles and ammunition

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov was quoted by the Russian Interfax news agency as saying today, Monday, that Russia has enough missiles and high-precision guided munitions to perform all the tasks assigned to its armed forces, according to Reuters.

A senior Pentagon official said last March that Russia was running out of precision-guided munitions, which sent thousands of soldiers to Ukraine on February 24 in what it calls a special military operation.

On Monday, the British military, in turn, warned that Russia was running out of precision-guided munitions, indicating that this meant that Moscow would increasingly use inaccurate missiles and bombs, which could cause widespread destruction.

The British Ministry of Defense made this comment, today, Monday, as part of a daily intelligence report that it provided through its account on Twitter, according to the Associated Press.

“Despite Russia’s claim that Ukrainian cities will be safe from bombing, the use of unguided munitions poses an increased risk,” the British military said.

“With the conflict continuing to exceed Russian pre-war expectations, Russia’s stockpile of precision-guided munitions is likely to be severely depleted. This is forcing the use of readily available, but outdated, less reliable, less accurate, and easier to intercept munitions,” the report said.

The British added that Russia “will likely struggle to replace the precision weapons that it has already consumed.”

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