To confront the “wheat disaster”… Iraq is looking into two countries’ warehouses

And Iraqi official data revealed, last Friday, that Iraq’s strategic storage of wheat does not meet the country’s need for one month, which portends a stifling crisis in the coming days.

And a report from the Office of Financial Supervision warned that Iraq’s strategic storage of wheat in the stores of the General Company for Grain Trade until the end of last March amounted to 373 thousand tons, distributed by 269 thousand tons of local wheat, and 104 thousand tons of imported wheat.

The report pointed out that the marketing plan for the wheat crop for the current year showed that the monthly need of wheat for one ration of the ration card is about 450 thousand tons, meaning that the storage does not meet the need for one month of the actual need.

In this regard, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, Muhammad Hanoun, said, “The statement of the Financial Supervision Bureau about the lack of sufficient storage was correct. In the second and third month of this year, the trade storage was 300,000 tons, but the ministry had a clear plan in the face of this decline.” .

Hanoun added, in a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, that “this crisis (high prices and a lack of wheat stocks in global stores) was quickly remedied through technical and administrative measures, by importing 250 thousand tons of imported German and Australian wheat after the Ministry of Commerce contracted with These facilities, and through international companies with very fast contracts, arrived within 30 days to the country’s stores, in addition to the marketing season, which has begun to achieve success, and we now have a plan to supply 3 million tons through the proposed Food Security Law.

The Iraqi official confirmed that “wheat reaches us in large quantities, as Iraq has been dependent for 4 years on local wheat received from farmers and farmers on a large scale, and large quantities of wheat are now being received according to a decree within the agricultural plan and the plan of the Ministry of Trade.”

It is noteworthy that a global report had classified Iraq as one of the countries with a low stock of wheat, amid the high prices of that substance globally.

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