Putin talks about the “sacred duty”… and recalls the victory of 1945

“Today our soldiers, like their ancestors, are fighting side by side to liberate their land from the dirt of Nazism, with the confidence that victory will be ours as in 1945,” Putin said in congratulating the former Soviet bloc countries and the two breakaway regions of eastern Ukraine.

He added that “the common duty today is to prevent the return of Nazism, which caused a lot of suffering to the peoples of different countries,” wishing that “new generations are worthy of the memory of their fathers and grandfathers.”

In his congratulations, Putin not only referred to the soldiers, but also spoke of the civilians on the “home front”, who “crushed Nazism with countless sacrifices.”

“Unfortunately, today Nazism raises its head once again,” the Russian president said in a paragraph dedicated to the Ukrainians.

He added, “Our sacred duty is to prevent the ideological heirs of those who were defeated” in what Moscow calls the “Great Patriotic War” from “returning for revenge.”

The president wished “all residents of Ukraine a peaceful and just future.”

On Monday, Moscow celebrates the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany with a military parade, while justifying its invasion on February 24 by the desire to “disarm” Ukraine and “de-Nazify” it.

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