Elections in France: Video analysis | Why do so many French people vote for the extreme right? | Videos

Marine Le Pen, for the second time in a row, has managed to get through to the second round of the French presidential elections. A few months ago, the polls were very pessimistic about the far-right candidate. However, during the campaign she has been closing the gap with Emmanuel Macron until she managed to place herself just a few points behind the President. In the analysis that accompanies this news, EL PAÍS correspondent in France, Silvia Ayuso, analyzes the factors that have influenced Le Pen to achieve such a favorable result.

Has the far-right candidate moderated herself? Have other candidates influenced Le Pen’s electoral results? Do you have a solid vote in France? Why doesn’t he rule in almost any institution? Silvia Ayuso answers these questions and recalls the whitening process that the party founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen, father of the candidate, has gone through 50 years ago. In these decades, the formation has been transformed to approach more voters, it has changed its name and the candidate has abandoned her harshest discourse, which distanced her from the traditional right-wing electorate.

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