Gabriel Boric: “I found it unacceptable that the investiture ceremony was delayed because the King of Spain was late” | International

The new president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, has charged against King Felipe VI. In an interview with local television T13 on Monday night, he considered it “very unacceptable” that his inauguration ceremony, held on Friday, March 11 at noon, was delayed “because the King of Spain was late.” The swearing-in ceremony began 15 minutes late as scheduled. Felipe VI arrived the last among the 12 heads of state expected in Valparaíso, 120 kilometers from Santiago, where the Congress headquarters are located.

Sources from the Casa del Rey indicated that “the Spanish delegation followed the instructions of the Chilean protocol and security at all times, which are the ones who set the pace of arrival of the caravans.” “In fact, the caravan with the Spanish delegation was waiting in line behind others until protocol and security gave the instruction that it could already be accessed,” they added.

Boric had not referred to the delay in the start of his ceremony until now. He did it in a relaxed interview in The faces of the coina program hosted by television host Don Francisco, one of the most popular in Chile and Latin America. The faces of the coin (as the seat of the Chilean government is called) promised during the campaign to show viewers “the person” behind “the candidate.”

Boric thanked Don Francisco on Monday for the interview he did days before the second round on December 19, which he considered key in his victory over far-right José Antonio Kast. Consulted by the host of the program about the impressions that his assumption before Congress had left him, he charged against Felipe VI. “I found it quite unacceptable that the ceremony was delayed because the King of Spain had been late. But well, they are things that happen. One has to accept the established protocols,” Boric said.

The guests had to travel the 120 kilometers that separate Santiago from Valparaíso by road on Friday. For security reasons, they were not allowed to use the Viña del Mar airport, located a few kilometers away. Once in Valparaíso, the delegations dodged three security cordons before reaching the Parliament building. As the start time of the oath-taking approached, it was evident that the stipulated time could no longer be met. At twelve noon, there were still long lines of cars waiting to drop off guests in front of the building’s steps. The official retinues of heads of state and presidents included several custody vehicles that crowded the street. Each new guest had to wait for the entire previous party to leave. Felipe VI arrived minutes after the president of Bolivia, Luis Arce. When the King entered the building, the doors were closed and the ceremony began.

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