The fire spread at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine has been halted

Ukraine (news now) – 04/03/2022. 09:09

Zaporizhia .. the largest nuclear power plant in Europe

  • Russian bombing targeted the nuclear plant located in the center of the country
  • The plant is owned and operated by the Ukrainian National Nuclear Generating Company

Ukrainian firefighting teams were able to stop the spread of fire at the Zaporizhia nuclear plant, after announcing that Russian forces had prevented firefighting teams from reaching the nuclear plant in central Ukraine and the largest in Europe, to put out the fire that broke out in it after a Russian bombing targeting it.

The emergency services said in a statement on Facebook that “the invaders are not allowing the Ukrainian General Rescue Units to start extinguishing the fire,” noting that the fire broke out in a “training building” at the station and that one of its six reactors was currently operating.

She had called International Atomic Energy Agency To stop the use of force near the station Zaporizhia The nuclear weapon located in central Ukraine and the largest ever in all of Europe, after bombing Russian Target it, warning of “grave danger” if its reactors are hit.

The agency said in a tweet on Twitter that it “calls for a halt to the use of force and warns of a grave danger if the reactors are hit.” Noting that its general manager, Rafael Mariano Grossi, is in contact with the Ukrainian authorities and station operators to assess the situation.

The Ukrainian authorities had announced that a fire broke out at the nuclear plant in the center of the country as a result of a Russian bombing, noting that the bombing directly hit an electricity generation unit and warning of a disaster if this largest plant ever exploded in all of Europe.

The plant is owned and operated by the Ukrainian National Nuclear Generating Company. It is one of the country’s four operating nuclear plants, generating up to 42 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is about 40% of the total electricity generated by all Ukrainian nuclear power plants and a fifth of annual electricity production.

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