Russia bombs Zaporizhia nuclear plant in Ukraine

Kyiv (AFP) – 04/03/2022. 04:27

Russia bombs the largest nuclear plant in Europe

  • A major fire broke out at the nuclear plant after it was bombed
  • Ukraine’s foreign minister urges Russian forces to stop bombing nuclear plant
  • The explosion of the Zaporizhia station will be ten times greater than that of Chernobyl

A big fire broke out at the station Zaporizhia Nuclear bombing by a Russian missile.

Pictures and videos posted on social media showed the moment the army bombed the nuclear plant Russian.

For his part, the mayor of the city confirmed that a fire broke out in the nuclear plant.

The Ukrainian foreign minister said that the Russian army was firing from all directions at the Zaporizhia nuclear plant

Dmytro Kuleba also appealed to the Russian forces to stop bombing the nuclear plant, warning of an unimaginable disaster if it exploded.

“If it explodes, the explosion will be ten times bigger than Chernobyl! The Russians must stop the bombing immediately,” the minister said in a tweet on Twitter.

The Ukrainian municipality of Energodar houses the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

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