America gives Ukrainians on its soil "temporary protection"

Washington (AFP) – 04/03/2022. 05:22

After Europe, America gives Ukrainians temporary protection

  • Secretary of Homeland Security: “We will continue to provide assistance and protection to Ukrainians in the United States
  • The measure is valid for 18 months and applies to Ukrainians who arrived in America before March 1.
  • Members of Congress have asked the administration of President Joe Biden to grant them protected status

I followed United State The European Union followed suit and granted Ukrainians on its territory “temporary protection” status, which prevents their deportation and gives them the right to work.

“We will continue to provide assistance and protection to the Ukrainians in America” ​​because of the “war and crazy violence” going on in their country, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas said in a statement.

In a video posted on social media, he added, “We condemn attack The unprovoked attack by Russian President Vladimir Putin against Ukraine completed its first week on Thursday, saying he was “proud” to be granted such protection.

The statement explained that the measure will be in effect for 18 months, and it applies to Ukrainians who arrived in the United States before March 1, and therefore does not apply to those who flee today or in the future from the fighting in their country.

The authorities did not specify the number of those involved in the procedure, but US media indicated that about 4,000 undocumented Ukrainians were at risk of deportation when this announcement was made, and that there are approximately 30,000 others whose student or tourist visas will expire soon.

Several members of Congress had asked the administration of President Joe Biden to grant them protected status. Among those lawmakers, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, who commented on the decision on Twitter, “The United States stands with the Ukrainian people.”

The US decision is much more limited in scope than the decision of the European Union countries, which unanimously agreed Thursday to grant “temporary protection” to refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine, whether they are citizens or long-term residents of that country.

The decision will allow them to stay and work in the European Union for one year, subject to renewal, in addition to benefiting from the school system and access to medical care.

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