Zelensky calls on the Ukrainians to continue the resistance..and threatens the Russians

“We are a people who destroyed the enemy’s plans in a week,” Zelensky said. “They will not have peace or food here. They will not have a moment of calm here.”

Zelensky did not comment on whether the Russians captured several cities, including Kherson.

“If they (the Russian forces) go somewhere, it will only be temporary. We will expel them,” he said.

He added that the fighting negatively affected the morale of the Russian soldiers, who “break into grocery stores and try to find something to eat.”

He continued, “These are not superpower warriors. These are children who cannot distinguish and are being exploited.”

He said that the number of Russian dead reached about nine thousand.

And he added, “Ukraine does not want its streets to be covered with corpses of soldiers. Go home.”

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