Washington and Kiev discuss strengthening Ukraine’s air defense

According to “Reuters”, Blinken and Koelba held phone talks, while the Russian military operations were continuing in Ukraine, with no indications of an imminent calm in the country.

Blinken and his Ukrainian counterpart also talked about the increased imposition of sanctions against Russia, which was condemned, on Wednesday, by a United Nations General Assembly resolution, over its invasion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Koelba, in a tweet on Twitter, stressed the need for Russia to stop what he described as “hostile acts” towards Ukraine, while calling for the opening of humanitarian corridors.

Discussions about strengthening Ukraine’s air defense come, while Kyiv is dissatisfied with what it sees as “Western failure” to help, after the start of the Ukrainian invasion.

Ukraine has repeatedly demanded that the West not be limited to imposing sanctions against Russia, stressing the importance of providing decisive military assistance in order to ensure the “resistance of the resistance” against the advance of the Russian army.

Western countries refuse to enter the line of war in Ukraine directly, in order to avoid widening the scope of the confrontation with Moscow, which threatens to slip into a “global war.”

At the military level, Western support for Ukraine is, at the present time, limited to providing weapons, which Moscow views with great concern and sees as a factor in the escalation of escalation.

In late February, Russia began military operations against Ukraine, an invasion that it said aimed to make Ukraine a neutral country, as well as rid it of what it describes as the “Nazi” elite that persecutes those belonging to Russian nationalism in the country.

Russia rejects Ukraine’s project to join NATO, and was asking Washington and the West for guarantees that the matter would not happen, and then decided to invade, when the West’s answer was to stress the right of any country to join the military alliance of its choice.

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